Alexis B.C. – Québec City Photographer/Videographer: slideshow photograph 1
Alexis B.C. – Québec City Photographer/Videographer: slideshow photograph 2
Alexis B.C. – Québec City Photographer/Videographer: slideshow photograph 3
Alexis B.C. – Québec City Photographer/Videographer: slideshow photograph 4
Alexis B.C. – Québec City Photographer/Videographer: slideshow photograph 5


Cradle of Filth – Coventry, UK 2014-08-16

 (Alexis Bourdages-Chabot)

Ten years ago, I was listening to Cradle of Filth in my car’s tape deck every day while going to college.

Ten years later, I had the opportunity to shoot them in their home country and I even had the photo pit all to myself!


Conceptual – Le Morbide Corbillard 2012 Calendar Preorder

 (Alexis Bourdages-Chabot)

(Une description en français suit celle en anglais)

Time to buy the calendar for next year! Once again this year, me and Maiggie from Le Morbide Corbillard are here to deliver!


Concert – Kamelot @ L’Impérial de Québec

Kamelot performing at L'Imperial de Quebec. (

Kamelot rocked L’Impérial de Québec last weekend for their Pandemonium Over North America 2011 tour with with the appearance of guest singers Fabio Lione (Rhapsody of Fire), Simone Simons (Epica) and Elize Ryd (Amaranthe).


Video – Daedalean Complex – Sacred Desire

Since the very beginning of this band, I have shot every one of their promotional portraits. When they decided to go for a music video, it was just normal that I was on set as director of photography along with the director Nicolas Paquin.


Video – Nick D’Virgilio “Pieces” EP release show

Nick D’Virgilio, best known for his work with Spock’s Beard, released his latest EP during a friendly and awesome show in Québec City with local musicians. The show was organized by Alexandre Hudon, drummer for the band Elliptic (and for that show) for which I have worked in the past. Read the full post to watch the videos from that show!

Concert – Never More than Less @ Festivent

Never More than Less rocking the stage of Festiven 2011. (Alexis B.C.)

My friends from Never More than Less rocked the small stage at Festivent last weekend and, as usual, I was there, camera in hand.


Portrait – Manslaughter Project

I have known Manslaughter Project for quite a while. I shot and edited a live video of them a few years ago, when they had finished second place of 2nd Skin Rock Contest (second edition). That’s quite a few time the word second in the same sentence. They contacted me at the end of 2010 for a promotional shooting and we finaly got to do it two weeks ago.

These guys were litteraly freezing.


Portrait – Worth Dying For

Worth Dying For commissioned me recently to shoot promotional portraits for their upcoming album Tears & Ashes. They were two line-up changes late on their portraits, so it was more than time for time to update that. Two hours later in a “heated” underground parking and it was done!


Video – Gamma Ray live @ l’Impérial de Québec

Those of you who know me well know that I shoot a lot of concert picture for, the biggest french metal & rock webzine in Canada. They told us that we could shoot a video of the first song, so we went for it! Be sure to watch it in HD! Details after the jump.


Behind the Scene – Le Morbide Corbillard 2011 calendar

Le Morbide Corbillard 2011 Calendar – Behind the scene from Alexis B.C. on Vimeo.

Here is a 7 minutes behind the scene video talking about the concept behind the zombie babies calendar we’ve been shooting for 4 years now. I also appears to speak about a bit of technical and lighting stuff.

Be sure to also check the setups I explained for two of the pictures not included in the video.