Preview: Le Morbide Corbillard 2011 Calendar

What got to be more scary than zombies? Clown zombies? Way too classic.

Zombie babies, of course!

For four years now, I have been shooting this project with my friend Maiggie, gothic designer with her company Le Morbide Corbillard. We had a great response every time selling it in the province, but now, it’s time to conquer the world!

Maiggie is the one who takes care of the dolls, the concept and the sceneries. She lives in a old house (old like 200 years old or so) so every set is actually in or around her house. She scavenges vintage dolls here and there and depending of their original looks or the ideas she has in mind, she modify them to look something like you can see above. There is one doll per month in the calendar and she sells them afterward.

Quite morbid? Exactly. That’s exactly the point of this calendar, to offer something different than hot chicks barely clothed or cute kitties calendar. I have no problems at all with both, I just like to do different things since that market is already overcrowded.

The calendar will soon be available for preorder, so stay tuned!

Photo geek stuff

Le Morbide Corbillard 2011 Calendar - Setup shot 01

This is the first one we shot this year. It was shot with a Canon 5D mkII with the Canon 24-70 f/2,8L. We ended up using 4 Canon speedlights for the burnt zombie baby. Master flash was a Canon 580 EX II, triggered via the Cactus V4 trigger system is set at full power in group A with a full CTO in the soft box camera left. Fill light is a 580 EX II set in group B at 1/8 with a red gel in the turkey pan beauty dish camera right. I built this one to experiment with beauty dish. Since I loved working with it, I’m in the process of building a stronger one following Todd Owyoung’s DIY beauty dish tutorial. Finally, we clamped two Canon 430EX II in group C for back/kicker lights. They were at 1/16 power with a 1/2 CTO gel.


I have not taken detailed shooting notes of this one since we were at the end of the day. Key light is the turkey pan beauty dish camera right with a 580 EX II in it. There is another 580 EX II to add details to the bench and the saw. To add a bit of atmosphere, there is one 430 EX II with green gel in the background and another one as back light.

The final product is a 12 x 18 calendar. As mentioned above, pre-order will be available soon and the official launch should be on November 5th. Stay tuned!

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