Portrait – Worth Dying For

Worth Dying For commissioned me recently to shoot promotional portraits for their upcoming album Tears & Ashes. They were two line-up changes late on their portraits, so it was more than time for time to update that. Two hours later in a “heated” underground parking and it was done!

The opening picture is from the second look we tried and that’s clearly the one they will be using. Whenever I’m shooting on location, I always scout the area as much as I can before setting anything up. And when you’re done on what I thought was a cool spot, I always look again. This is clearly what gave us the winner pictures in this session. Key light comes from a Canon 580EX II clamped on a fire system pole above me (you must never clamp stuff to fire system poles.) Kickers/side lights come from Canon 430EX II shot in reflective umbrellas. Everything was shot manual, but sorry, I did not take note of the power inputs.

This one above is the first look we try. It’s in one of the parking descent and I was lower that the band. Main light comes from a Canon 580EX II shot in a beauty dish slightly camera left. Back lights and colors on the wall come from three Canon 430EX II with gels. When looking to color back lights, I usually ask them what will be the main colors in the artwork to match this. The answer was obviously blue and yellow. Looking at this after the shoot, I should have flagged the left side of the beauty dish, this way, the wall on the left would have been completely blue. This error won’t happen again!

The individual portraits they used immediately are the one from the first look, which are also my favorite. Overpowering the ambiant light, it looks like we shot these in a studio. Again, a Canon 580EX II in a beauty dish as key light and two bare Canon 430EX II with yellow gels for back light. If I remember correctly, I zoomed these at 70mm or so for a bit more punch. The individual portraits from the second look may be seen in the slideshow at the bottom of this page. Feel free to share it with the embed code!

Always shoot a vertical. It may not look a natural way to shoot a band of six people, but you’re giving them options. And with so much space above their head, they can use it as is for a concert poster, flyer, web banner or anything like that.

The guys were a real pleasure to work with! Everything went supper smoothly and they were satisfied immediately when I delivered the pictures. Another perfect assignment!

Stay tuned, a behind the scene video is coming soon!

Worth Dying For – Promo Portraits – Images by Alexis Bourdages-Chabot

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