Cradle of Filth – Coventry, UK 2014-08-16

Ten years ago, I was listening to Cradle of Filth in my car’s tape deck every day while going to college. Ten years later, I had the opportunity to shoot them in their home country and I even had the photo pit all to myself!

Portrait – Manslaughter Project

I have known Manslaughter Project for quite a while. I shot and edited a live video of them a few years ago, when they had finished second place of 2nd Skin Rock Contest (second edition). That’s quite a few time the word second in the same sentence. They contacted me at the end of 2010 […]

Portrait – Worth Dying For

Worth Dying For commissioned me recently to shoot promotional portraits for their upcoming album Tears & Ashes. They were two line-up changes late on their portraits, so it was more than time for time to update that. Two hours later in a “heated” underground parking and it was done!

Promo shoot – Under Aspect

I first met the guys from Under Aspect at the last edition of the 2nd Skin Rock Contest. As part of my assignment as official photographer for the contest, I had to shoot a quick portrait of the 48 bands directly on stage a few minutes before the curtains rose. I don’t remember exactly who […]

Conceptual – Mermaid photoshoot

How do you shoot a mermaid? Well, first, you got to catch one. Any old fisherman should be able to help you.