Video – Daedalean Complex – Sacred Desire

Since the very beginning of this band, I have shot every one of their promotional portraits. When they decided to go for a music video, it was just normal that I was on set as director of photography along with the director Nicolas Paquin.

We were lucky enough to have access to a beautiful church for a night to shoot. Even while we were loading the stock in, I was still not believing that we were going to shoot a goth metal music video in it.

Everything was shot on my Canon 5D mkII and a few shots were done on a Canon 7D. We went in with the lighting gear of my camera assistant, Guillaume Bouchard, and a bit of mine too. Kudos to Jean-Nicolas Demers for his awesome work as artistic director.

The early reaction is pretty good and we’re now already talking about the second one!

By the way, their new album A Rose For The Dead is out now, and is frankly amazing! Go get it on their website.

If you had not seen it yet, here is the last portrait I shot for them.

Daedalean Complex - A Rose for the Dead Promo

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