Conceptual – Le Morbide Corbillard 2012 Calendar Preorder

(Une description en français suit celle en anglais) Time to buy the calendar for next year! Once again this year, me and Maiggie from Le Morbide Corbillard are here to deliver!

Behind the Scene – Le Morbide Corbillard 2011 calendar

Le Morbide Corbillard 2011 Calendar – Behind the scene from Alexis B.C. on Vimeo. Here is a 7 minutes behind the scene video talking about the concept behind the zombie babies calendar we’ve been shooting for 4 years now. I also appears to speak about a bit of technical and lighting stuff. Be sure to […]

Preview: Le Morbide Corbillard 2011 Calendar

What got to be more scary than zombies? Clown zombies? Way too classic. Zombie babies, of course!

Conceptual – Mermaid photoshoot

How do you shoot a mermaid? Well, first, you got to catch one. Any old fisherman should be able to help you.