Promo shoot – Under Aspect

I first met the guys from Under Aspect at the last edition of the 2nd Skin Rock Contest. As part of my assignment as official photographer for the contest, I had to shoot a quick portrait of the 48 bands directly on stage a few minutes before the curtains rose. I don’t remember exactly who did it (I think it was David, the singer), but while I was leaving the stage to go front row, he said to the other band members: “Guys, don’t forget to move!”

I confirm, they did not forget.

I have rarely seen a band put so much energy on stage. Seriously. These guys took advantage of every inches they got on the scene of l’Impérial de Québec. During one of their shows, one of the guitarist even tore off the strings of his instrument, bare hands. Metalheads and hardcore fans, be sure to head to their myspace page and show them support. They truly deserve it.

They were in town last week (they are from a town near Montréal). They contacted me to renew their promo pictures portfolio, and I was more than happy to deliver!

The picture directly above is the first setup we tried. At first, we wanted an outdoor shoot, but timing and uncertain weather did not make this possible, so we had to do it directly at the venue. Setup for this one is pretty simple: two 580EX II in shoot though umbrella as key and fill light and two 430 EX II with dome diffusers as back lights. Everything was triggered via a 580 EXII on top of my Canon 5D mkII with the 24-70 f/2,8L lens. This one was shot on the dance floor of Chez Dagobert before the bar opened.

At 10 o’clock, we were kicked out of the dance floor, but we still had a few minutes before them going on stage, so we tried another setup. The stairs there are quite awesome, so with a little extra light, it gave a nice look. Again, two 580 EX II shot through umbrellas, and the wall camera left is actually a HUGE mirror, so no need to worry too much about fill light, every pinch of light you throw at them is reflected back on them. This one was shot with my friend Phillipe’s Canon 7D with a Sigma 10-20 at the wide end. This gave the picture at the top of the article, which is by far my favorite of the two.

Big thanks to Phillipe Rousseau for assisting me on this shoot and to Marc-Antoine Jean for teaching and helping me with color grading. Thanks to both for lending me their flashes to complete my kit.

Feel free to share this embeddable slide show. You can also order prints from these pictures by clicking directly on them.

Under Aspect Promo Shoot – Images by Alexis Bourdages-Chabot

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