Conceptual – Mermaid photoshoot

How do you shoot a mermaid? Well, first, you got to catch one. Any old fisherman should be able to help you.


I’m lucky enough to have a girlfriend who graduated from a fashion design course, so, when we get crazy ideas for photo shoots, she just goes ahead and craft the costume. While this is not the exact concept and look we had in mind for the photoshoot, we decided to shoot a simpler version of our idea because I wanted to participate in the Fstoppers behind the scene video contest.

We had worked once with Ann-Sophie, the model in this shoot. She is a pleasure to work with and as a bonus, does her own make-up and hairs. This is for sure not the last time that we work together.

We tried a few location at the beach we were for the shoot. For those interested, we shot the whole set at the Baie de Beauport in Québec City. On the shot above, there’s actually a rope that limits the area that arrives a few feets over the rock she lays on. Me and my friend Jessie, who was kind enough to shoot the behind the scene video, had both brought our Manfrotto tripods, even though I really rarely shoot pictures with a tripod. We raised the rope with both of them, and one finally was also used as an attachment for a side light.

While I usually shoot with a Canon 5D mkII, I had the chance to borrow the Canon 1Ds Mk III from my friend Marc-Antoine Jean. Anyone reading this should go check out his work, he’s a kickass photographer. Most of the picture were shot using the Canon 24-70 f/2.8L, but we used the Canon 70-200 f/2.8 for a few. The lighting was 100% Canon Speedlites. One 580EX II was used as commander and we had another 580EX and three 430EX as slaves. We used two shoot through umbrella and some hard lights too. Since an image is worth a thousand word, I invite you to look at the behind the scene video to see the setups.

Mermaid photoshoot – Behind the Scene from Alexis BC on Vimeo.

The video did not make it to the finalists, but I really enjoyed editing it. Future shoots will also include behind the scene videos.

Mermaid – Images by Alexis Bourdages-Chabot

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6 Responses to “Conceptual – Mermaid photoshoot”

  1. Cindy says:

    You’ve finally got your website! Woot Woot ^^
    Amazing photoshoot ;p
    Add more articles now!

  2. FG says:

    Fantastique le photoshoot. Les résultats sont vraiment biens.


    PS: Je t’ai mis dans mes liens.

  3. admin says:

    Merci pour le commentaire et pour le lien!

  4. FG says:

    Ça fait plaisir. Il va falloir que tu postes plus par contre! Je veux davantage voir ce que tu fais.

  5. Aheila says:

    Hey there!
    That is an awesome website you’ve set up for yourself! Congrats on getting your .com.
    I really like the lighting in the photoshoot and Cindy’s awesome costume.
    Think of it, a dinner together is more than overdue. *laughs* At least, I’ll see you Friday!
    Keep the art going, hon!

    Émilie Bleue 😉

  6. Alexis B.C. says:

    Thanks a bunch! Il était plus que temps!