Concert – Les Cyclones

There’s quite a number of reasons why the Festival d’été de Québec is awesome. For the first time this year, after Rammstein’s awesome performance on the closing day of the festival, I went to one of the smaller scenes at the Pub St-Alexandre for the performance of Les Cyclones, the rockabilly band one of my friends plays in. Also, it’s not often that you see father and son playing in a band.

The mentionned friend happens to be a Canon shooter (Marc-Antoine Jean which I already mentionned a few times here), so I had the chance to play a bit with his Canon 85mm f/1,2L. The scene being in the corner of the bar, I setted up a Canon 430EX II speedlight on each side of the scene, commanded by a 580 EXII on top of my 5D mkII. Everything was shot ETTL, controlling ratios from the master flash.

The bokeh on the 85mm f/1.2 is simply awesome. Since I love to experiment, I shot with the lens wide open lit by the speedlights. Why would shoot with flash while being opened at f/1.2? Because it looks awesome! Such big apertures gives an aesthetic you can’t get any other way. It gave the opening photo for this article.

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2010-07-18 – Les Cyclones live @ Festival d’été de Québec – Images by Alexis Bourdages-Chabot

3 Responses to “Concert – Les Cyclones”

  1. FG says:

    Vraiment cool les photos. Tu es pas mal chanceux d’avoir essayé ce bijou. Tu n’as pas trop eu de misère avec le focus?

  2. Alexis B.C. says:

    Thanks to you for reading and looking at it!

  3. Alexis B.C. says:


    Effectivement, le focus n’est vraiment pas ce qu’il y a de plus vite, mais le band ne bougeait pas trop, alors, avec le point central, je m’en suis bien sorti.