Concert – Hall of Names

Hall of Names is a tribute concert that was organised by my friend Wax, a guitar player that I have known for a while. It was quite an ambitious project, to gather 24 musicians to play nearly 20 songs. Many of them had never played or rehearsed together.

I do believe it won’t be the last time we have such a show in town.

The Dagobert‘s stage is one of the few small stages remaining in Québec City. There is quite an amount of lights in there, but unfortunately, most are back lights and there is not much front light (from a photographer’s point of view.) That’s why I decided to bring my own lights.

There’s a pole (don’t ask why) on the right side of the scene that I had thought for a while to clamp a flash on. I finally got the chance to do so. Using a Manfrotto super clamp, a Canon 430EX went there with a dome diffuser on. The same combo went on the left side of the edge of a balcony, so both were roughly at the same height. They were triggered with a Canon 580EX II on top of camera.

To see all the pictures, enjoy the slideshow below, or click here. Prints are available for all these pictures; feel free to order them and then help me get more gear to create more awesome pictures!

2010-10-21 – Hall of Names – Images by Alexis Bourdages-Chabot

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